The future is a fully connected workforce.

Let us take the lead and assist in overseeing everything related to compensating your global workforce. We’ll enhance your operations by integrating all your local payrolls into one globally connected system, engaging individuals on your behalf across multiple locations, and re-imagining your temporary workforce strategy. Begin saving time and money today with Constellation Global by your side.

We are a Global Connected Payroll Provider, a Global Professional Employment Organisation and Strategic Workforce Planners. We can automate and integrate all your local payrolls into one centrally managed system and we can build, engage and pay both permanent and temporary teams for you practically anywhere in the world. Get access to a wide global talent pool of candidates, have us manage their payroll or employ them through us to save you the hassle of setting up abroad. Transform your operations and say hello to a world without borders.

Streamline Global Payroll With An Integrated Managed Solution

Organising global payrolls can present a number of issues for businesses. Our service helps businesses like yours save money, reduce errors and reduce time spent organising payrolls. CG Pay integrates all your local payrolls into one fully managed system, which maps and automates payrolls across all global locations. It integrates with any local payroll provider and automatically syncs information with your finance and HR systems. All global workers benefit from the same self-service employee portal regardless of their location, and we provide you with one partner, one point of contact and one help desk to manage everything. Not only this, but with CG Pay, we can ensure full compliance across all your payrolls, with safety being a primary benefit of our streamlined, encrypted portal.

Build Your Permanent Global Workforce Anywhere

The way we work is changing. More and more employees are working from their homes and organisations can now connect with people anywhere. So why not hire from a global talent pool to access the best talent and take advantage of cheaper labour costs by hiring staff from overseas, regardless of your companies’ location. Here at Constellation Global, we facilitate the employment of talent on a worldwide scale, regardless of where your business is located.

Transform Your Global Temporary Workforce Strategy

The trend in flexible working is accelerating. More and more people are opting to work as freelancers to capitalise on their own skill sets. Having access to this highly skilled workforce is crucial but can be challenging for companies to deal with from a cost and compliance perspective. So why not gain access to this global talent pool without the compliance issues or high costs? We remove the risk and optimise the hiring process for you and take care of local compliance issues, like IR35, allowing you to focus on your business.

Choose your employees, from anywhere in the world.

How can Constellation Global help you?

Manage your entire payroll system with CG Pay in one centralised location, syncing with your finance and HR systems for an even more streamlined process.

Hire global talent and build remote teams anywhere, regardless of where your company is located and without setting up additional legal entities.

Feel at ease and in control with one partner, one helpdesk and one point of contact for everything. Enjoy quick, easy views of your entire workforce system from engagement to payroll.

Full compliance with local labour laws and management of immigration, payroll, HR, employee benefits and provision of facilities and equipment.

With between 40-80% of your gross revenue being spent on salaries and benefits, take advantage of the global labour market to reduce costs regardless of where you are based.

Reimagine the way you hire and engage your temporary workforce to capitalise on the trend in flexible working, access the best talent possible, remove risk and make savings of up to 30%.

Full indemnification against any risk or liability associated with managing your workforce.

Complete payroll compliance thanks to a fully encrypted portal to keep your data safe.

Benefit from contingent workforce strategies such as Recruitment Process Outsourcing to augment direct hiring capabilities to optimise your workforce programme.

Access to a huge network of international recruitment companies to quickly source top talent for both permanent employees and contractors, giving you access to the specialist skills you need to scale your operation efficiently.

Bespoke Personalised Service

At Constellation Global, we provide a bespoke service tailored to you. Your dedicated workforce strategist will be available to you at all points during the process to ensure you get what you need.

That’s why we ensure we are experts in all forms of payroll, workforce engagement models, local labour laws, and risk mitigation.

We make your workforce strategic, compliant and cost effective.

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Constellation Global FAQ

Can you manage payroll across several countries?

Yes, with CG Pay we can take control of your payroll needs no matter where your workforce is based. Our software works with any local payroll provider and automatically integrates with finance and HR systems, so you won’t have to worry about dealing with multiple suppliers, different currencies or compliance.

Where can you employ permanent workers and engage freelancers for us?

We can employ workers, take care of all local HR, benefits, payroll, expenses and currencies, all in accordance with local labour laws, in over 150 countries. We can provide office equipment, company cars, mobile telephones or even offices for your outsourced employees wherever you choose to hire them.

Why go globally for talent?

Going globally for talent gives you the scale, and scope of a large multi-national company regardless of the size of your company to access the best talent and take advantage of global labour costs. Additionally you can instantly access new markets and achieve unrealised operational benefits such as building a 24 hour/365 service.

Will remote working decrease after COVID-19?

Before the global pandemic set in, the trend in remote and flexible working arrangements was on the rise as an effective tool for organisations to become more strategic. Predictions say we are set to see an increase in remote working, now that we’ve seen it’s possible for the masses and has become ‘the norm’.

Can you help us with the recruitment of permanent workers and freelancers globally?

Yes. We are experts in all forms of workforce strategies and can help you augment your existing hiring function with tools or additional capabilities. We can also help you select and manage the process through local and international recruitment partners.

What is the best way to get in touch with Constellation Global?

You can book a free consultation and someone from our team will be in touch shortly.

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