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Thinking about hiring independent contractors or expanding your permanent workforce? With Constellation Global, building your permanent and temporary workforce has never been easier, and with access to the best talent across the globe regardless of where you are based, you can practically guarantee a sustainable future for your company. We’ve been working with clients for years to help them engage workers anywhere, providing not only quality candidates, but cost savings and risk mitigation.

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Why Choose Constellation Global:

We have 14 years of industry experience

We facilitate access to a global talent pool regardless of where you are based

We eliminate the risks associated with managing a permanent and temporary workforce in any location

We’re fast, efficient and reliable - our engagement models will save you time and money

We take a strategic approach, operating with the best interests of your business in mind

You can augment your existing capabilities with Recruitment Process Outsourcing

You can leverage our network of international and local Recruitment partners to scale your projects quickly

The Global Constellation Story —

Why We Build Permanent Workforces and Reimagine Temporary Workforces for Our Clients

The world of work continues to rapidly change as we become more interconnected. For companies to be successful they need access to the best talent possible, and as more people choose to work as professional contractors, access to this highly-skilled workforce is limited, but crucial for success. Our vision is that companies should be able to operate and access these global skill sets anywhere, without risk, administration or high costs – allowing them to focus on what they do best.

How We Began

Constellation Global was founded in 2011, and its goal was to help companies access and deploy talent in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, regardless of where each company was based. Since then, we have grown our global footprint immensely, and are now able to provide our cost-effective, risk mitigating service for companies across more than 150 countries.

We’re Here To Help You Grow

Our Purpose & Core Beliefs

We help you connect with great talent globally

Whatever your niche or role requirement, we have the resources to help you find the talent that best fits your business, anywhere in the world.

We collaborate closely with you

When we partner with you, the growth of your company is at the forefront of our minds. We’ll work tirelessly to strategically plan your workforce and prepare you for an exciting and successful future.

We protect you from risk

Whether you’re worried about your budget, local tax regulations such as IR35 or other legal requirements, we’re here to support you and protect you from risk.

Experts in both permanent and temporary recruitment

Build your Permanent Global Workforce

The way we work is changing, and will continue to change. More and more employees are working from their homes, and organisations can now connect with people anywhere. So why not hire from a global talent pool to access the best candidates and take advantage of cheaper labour costs? Here at Constellation Global, we facilitate the employment of talent on a worldwide scale, regardless of where your business is located.

Reimagine your Global Temporary Workforce

The trend in flexible working is accelerating, with many people opting to work as freelancers to capitalise on their own skill sets. Having access to this highly-skilled workforce is crucial, but can be challenging for companies to deal with from a cost and compliance perspective. So, why not gain access to this talent without the compliance issues or high costs? We remove the risk, optimise the hiring process and take care of local compliance issues, allowing you to focus on your business.

Constellation Global FAQ

Where can you employ permanent workers and engage freelancers for us?

We can employ workers while also taking care of all local HR, benefits, payroll, expenses and currencies in accordance with local labour laws. We can provide office equipment, company cars, mobile telephones or even offices for your outsourced employees wherever you choose to hire them.

Why search globally for talent?

Searching globally for talent gives you the scale and scope of a large multinational company. Regardless of your company’s size, you can access the best talent and take advantage of global labour costs. Additionally, you can instantly access new markets and achieve unrealised operational benefits such as building a 24-hour service.

Will remote working decrease after COVID-19?

Before the global pandemic set in, the trend in remote and flexible working arrangements was on the rise as an effective tool for organisations to become more strategic. It has since been predicted that we are set to see an increase in remote working, particularly now that we’ve seen it’s possible for the masses and has, in many places, become ‘the norm’.

Can you help us with the recruitment of permanent workers and freelancers globally?

Yes. We are experts in all forms of workforce strategies and can help you augment your existing hiring function with tools or additional capabilities. We can also help you select and manage the process through local and international recruitment partners.

How do I get in touch with Constellation Global?

You can book a free consultation or ask a question here.

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