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Don’t have the capacity to employ workers overseas because of your company’s location? Constellation Global can employ a permanent workforce for you in practically any country in the world, and help you access the very best candidates in your field. With remote working quickly becoming the new normal, there’s no better time to consider sourcing from a global talent pool, cutting costs and engaging international employees anywhere.

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Constellation Global:

Protecting You From Risk And Engaging Your New Global Talent

We help companies of any size and location access a global talent pool for their permanent workforce by employing them on your behalf – and we do it all while eliminating risk, cutting costs and saving you time so you can focus on your business. Say goodbye to only employing workers in your home country, dealing with confusing local labour laws, HR responsibilities and other time-consuming employment admin. At Constellation Global, finding quality staff and employing them anywhere has never been easier, and you can rest safe in the knowledge that you’re engaging the best talent for your business – and that you’re protected from risk.

What we do to build your permanent workforce for you…

Provide Global Access

Expand your workforce with the very best talent from across the globe, and employ them almost anywhere.

Take A Strategic Approach

We’ll help you consider where to make the best possible hire, taking into account budget as well as legal considerations.

Handle Admin And HR

Never worry about registrations, contracts, HR responsibilities, payroll, local employment benefits or other admin issues.

Expand Your Remote Workforce

How we work has changed rapidly in 2020. We’ll help you capitalise on this, employ remote workers and look towards the future.

Grow Your Business

We’ll always have the best interests of your business in mind, helping you to focus, grow and thrive.

Offer Ongoing Support

Our specialists are no strangers to helping you find talent across a range of industries. Utilise RPO to augment your capabilities and leverage our network of local and international recruitment partners.

Getting Started

Hiring and managing overseas employees is no easy feat, particularly for directors who already have an in-house workforce to take care of. We understand that while it can be difficult for managers to bring an aspect of remote working to their business, more and more companies are realising there are particularly high rewards to reap from doing so. At Constellation Global, we can help you get started in finding the right permanent candidates for remote working jobs, wherever they are in the world, and whilst we’re here, we can explain why it’s so important to do so.

Expand And Get Ahead With Quality Candidates On Your Side

When it comes to hiring top industry talent, the team at Constellation Global know exactly where to look, which is why we’re renowned as one of the most efficient and effective professional employment organisations out there. Businesses like yours need exciting new voices in their workforce in order to keep ideas fresh and rise above competitors, so allow us to take charge of your workforce planning and watch your company grow and thrive.

Compliance, Pay & Benefits, HR – We’ll Tackle It All

Perhaps it’s the administrative strain that has stopped you from employing staff overseas in the past? Or maybe you’re confused as to how you can ensure compliance when securing permanent international employees? Whatever your concern, Constellation Global has the expertise and industry experience to take this weight off your shoulders and provide a quality, full-scale solution for you – admin included.

In order to hire a candidate in another country, a business needs to comply with certain legalities, and it can be difficult for companies to set up the capabilities abroad, manage compliance, pay and provide benefits for all employees – and to do this on top of other responsibilities. With Constellation Global on your side, you can easily engage with worldwide talent wherever they are based, and create the capacity to expand into different markets – all while ensuring local compliance and without any administrative responsibilities to worry about.

A Faster, Simplified Hiring Process

Usually, a business will not only have to source the right kinds of talent, but also conduct various screening stages and interviews as well as general onboarding, not to mention further training and the organisation of additional admin for permanent staff, such as payroll and pension schemes. It’s a lot to handle, and if you’re considering hiring international employees, it can be even more difficult to finalise the onboarding process.

While we mostly aid companies to access global talent pools by facilitating employment anywhere, we are also experts in all forms of workforce strategies and can help you augment your existing hiring function with tools or additional capabilities. We can also help you select and manage recruitment through local and international staffing partners. With Constellation Global helping to plan and expand the workforce, innovative hiring strategies and access to recruitment partners to support the hiring and onboarding process, businesses hoping to move towards remote working will soon be far ahead of their competitors.

Where Constellation Global saves you money…

Strategic Sourcing

We can help you find exceptional talent that will cost you less, and bring more revenue in the future.

Account Management

With dedicated account managers keeping track of everything for our clients, we can guarantee timely results and a smooth process allowing you to focus on your business.

Time And Resource Saving

Our efficient solutions and workforce strategies will no doubt save you both time and money.

Recruitment Partners

We work with thousands of independent international and local recruitment partners, allowing you to leverage our network and find your ideal solution.

In our capacity of assisting recruitment companies with their international employment requirements, we have a deep understanding of how to help make your projects a success. Our years of experience means you can rest assured you’re in safe hands.

Constellation Global FAQ

If we don’t operate in the country of the employee, does that make a difference?

Absolutely not, it would be Constellation Global who would employ them. We take care of everything for you, providing you with one contract and one simple invoice for all employees regardless of where they are based, saving you time and money.

Can you provide our employees with benefits and equipment even if they are employed abroad?

Yes. We can provide all forms of employee benefits such as pensions, medical insurance, company cars, mobile phones and computer equipment – even office rental should it be required.

What are the benefits of partnering with Constellation Global?

You save money, time and have access to a global talent pool, allowing you to employ workers anywhere. We can help you find the best talent out there, no matter where in the world it’s located.

How do I get in touch with Constellation Global?

You can book a free consultation or ask a question here.

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