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Free Up Time With Automatic Integrations To Global HR & Finance Systems

Create A Leaner, More Efficient Business With Payrolls Managed By One Partner

Has organising your global payroll become a job in itself? At Constellation Global, we can streamline your global payroll process into one automated, fully-managed payroll service so that you can focus on what matters. Wherever your employees are in the world, you’ll have a quick view of your entire payroll process, benefiting you and your workers. Finance operations and HR integrations will be a breeze, and we’ll ensure safety and compliance every step of the way. Streamline operations, save time and cut costs with CG Pay, our efficient, automated and fully managed system.

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Constellation Global:

Are You Spending Too Much Time Organising And Managing Your Global Payroll?

We specialise in providing an integrated global payroll solution to help businesses save time and money when it comes to paying their employees, wherever they are in the world. With our Global Managed Payroll Service (CG Pay), you’ll no longer have to worry about dealing with local payrolls for your global workforce. Instead, we can condense and manage international payroll onto one, easy-to-use, automated payroll platform.

We understand that paying global workers can be time consuming and complicated, which is why we ensure our software works alongside any local solution, giving our clients flexibility as well as the ability to manage all their payrolls through one centralised partner.

Let Us Build Your Global Payroll For You…

Ensure streamlined management

We ensure you have all your local payrolls managed through one centralised, integrated and automated global platform.

Provide HR and finance integration

We can integrate all your local payrolls with any global HR software and all finance applications, and automatically sync them in real time.

Create seamless data flows for reporting

Free up time for employees and reduce costs for your business with reliable, automated and easily accessible data flows.

Provide vendor flexibility

Whether you want to roll in your existing providers or let us help you select and implement best-in-class local providers from our global network, our software and implementation team can work with anyone.

Ensure financial and legal security and compliance

First class compliance will always be achieved and maintained across all of your payrolls with the highest levels of data security and encryption.

Get quality customer service

Partnering with us makes things easy. With one point of contact, one global help desk and one self-service employee portal for all local payrolls, you’ll free up hours of valuable work time.

Find Out More About Constellation Global Payroll Solutions

Companies that hire globally can often face issues regarding payroll, whether it’s managing different currencies, legislations or ensuring compliance across varying payroll systems. Integrating and syncing with global HR and finance systems can also pose problems, particularly for businesses with employees operating in a larger number of countries. CG Pay functions as one single global platform to use as your main payroll tool across all your countries, meaning that organising and carrying out international payrolls is far simpler. Choose Constellation Global to take away all the time-consuming and stressful aspects of international payroll, and spend more time focussing on employee performance and business development.

Save Time And Reduce Risk With Centralised Global Payroll Services

Organising global payrolls can be time consuming, and also comes with a lot of risks. To help you ensure success, we can implement and manage the best value and best performing local providers and ensure compliance every step of the way. By having a choice of safe and reliable vendors, you can make sure you’re keeping within budget while also streamlining operations, reducing risk and saving significant time across your company.

Manage And Assess Your Payroll With CG Pay: A Secure, Integrated & Automated Portal

Consolidating your international payroll schemes into a risk-free global payroll platform will no doubt transform the way your business operates. Our ability to manage and integrate all your payrolls across the globe and provide one, centralised service means you can save precious admin time focussing on business performance. Our system also integrates with any global HR software and finance applications, further streamlining your operations.

Additionally, when it comes to payroll assessments, our system can deliver all of your local payroll data into one consolidated reporting area, allowing you to assess company spend and benchmark salaries in one simple view. Of course, your entire database will be securely encrypted, helping to prevent any potential fraud and protect the privacy of your workers.

Get CG Pay now – all you’ll need to do is provide the details of who to pay and how much, and we’ll arrange everything else for you. It’s that simple!

How Constellation Global’s Payroll Portal Saves You Money…

Implementing your ideal payroll provider

Through our payroll consultancy, we’ll implement and manage your best fit payroll provider suited to your budget, and take over all the supplier relationships for you.

Providing a quick, easy automated processes

Integrated global payroll is a sure fire way to save time, resources and money. We’ll help automate processes and data flows, fast.

Ensuring safety and compliance every step of the way

Reduced risk means no worry of legal fees or legislation changes, freeing up your time and streamlining your operations.

Keeping Your Data Secure

Our platform has been designed with data security as a primary concern. Our state-of-the-art technology in conjunction with our high compliance standards will leave you safe in the knowledge that all of your data is stored and managed securely.

Our HR, Legal and Payroll experts work tirelessly to ensure that there are never any data breaches, and that all aspects of the business are integrated with risk management software.

Constellation Global FAQ

How do you stay on top of changes to laws within the countries that you operate?

We want to protect our clients at all times, so we always ensure that we stay up to date with any local legislation changes and that our payroll systems are adjusted accordingly. We also provide updates in advance across all active locations when any legislative changes come to light.

Can you manage payrolls across time zones and manage varying currencies?

Yes – Constellation Global can manage all your local payroll operations through an intelligent global payroll portal, no matter where in the world your employees are based. However your business functions, with CG Pay all of your payroll information can be easily stored, automatically integrated to HR and finance systems, and accessed under one roof.

How can I learn more about Constellation Global payroll solutions?

Click the link below and get in touch with us directly to find out how our global payroll solutions can help you.

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