For Contractors

Constellation Global’s leading contractor management solutions provide contractors the security of knowing that they are backed by a fully compliant solution by ensuring they are always working in accordance of local labour regulations and tax laws.

We have the experience and knowledge to take the stress out of contractor remuneration and working on assignments internationally.

We alleviate complexity from contractor’s employment experiences by setting up compliant tax structures and insurance cover, through to submitting timesheets and pay being received on time. Letting Constellation Global take care of such details on your behalf removes the need for you to spend time and effort ensuring these practices are completed and allowing you to focus on completing your assignment.

In our experience,  contractors have been a key strategic resource and integral force for business growth and development for some companies, whilst other organisations see contractors solely as a means of plugging planned and unplanned staffing shortfalls. Constellation Global are skilled at providing contractor solutions for either of these scenarios and continually look for high quality candidates to be part of our team of talent.

Whether you are currently working on an assignment through Constellation Global or are looking for your next role, find what you need here. Or contact our dedicated team on +44 (0) 20 7148 0206.