Eliminate Risk and Let Us Help You Build and Engage Your Temporary Workforce – Anywhere

Are you worried about costs and compliance when it comes to building and managing a temporary workforce? Cut out the elements that expose you to risk with Constellation Global – whether it’s engaging the best talent, managing compliance and eliminating risk globally or dealing with local workers regulations, such as IR35, our proven strategies make your temporary workforce programme a breeze to manage and a strategic asset whilst saving you money in the process.

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Constellation Global:

Avoid Overpaying And Eliminate Compliance Risks With Our Temporary WorkforceEngagement Service

We help corporations engage the highest quality contractors and freelancers for their temporary workforce, and we do it all while cutting costs and eliminating risk. Access global talent pools and engage workers practically anywhere with an efficient, streamlined and compliant service. There’s no professional employment organisation better placed to optimise your contingent workforce programme.

What we do to build your temporary workforce for you…

Find Quality Workers

Whatever your role requirements, we can facilitate access, and can direct you to, some of the most talented candidates in your field.

Keep Costs Low

Time is money. Our solutions are always efficient, compliant and guarantee great results.

Ensure Compliance

Don’t expose yourself to risk – choosing our solutions will mean you can ensure compliance easily across your workforce in any location.

Expand Your Remote Workforce

How we work is changing every day. We’ll help you capitalise on this, engage remote workers and look towards the future.

Grow Your Business

We’ll always have the best interests of your business in mind, helping you find the right talent to grow and thrive without risk or high costs..

Offer Ongoing Support

Our specialists are no strangers to helping you find talent across a range of industries. Utilise RPO to augment your capabilities and leverage our network of local and international recruitment partners.

Getting Started

We’ve had years of experience helping clients with their workforce planning, and as time has gone on we’ve realised more and more companies are beginning to see the benefits of having all or part of their workforce being remote or contingent. Even before the huge shift towards remote working that was prompted by the recent pandemic, companies were beginning to introduce fewer restrictions on where their employees could work, and many industries were starting to see an increase in freelance workers to capitalise on much needed skill sets. So, what are the benefits of temporary hiring, and are fully permanent workforces a thing of the past?

Harnessing The Benefits Of A Global, Contingent Workforce

As more and more people opt for working as freelancers and independent contractors, gaining access to the critical skill sets in this global talent pool is imperative for modern businesses to thrive. If you’re thinking about expanding your business and hiring independent contractors, you are also opening yourself up to risk and potentially higher costs you could be paying for the same talent. While this could seem daunting at first glance, you can rest assured that with Constellation Global on your side, there will be no compliance issues or other administrative burdens to worry about – just access to incredible talent all over the world.

Risk Mitigation, Ensuring Compliance And More

As a full-service strategic workforce planning organisation, we know everything there is to know about hiring international freelancers and contractors and the risks this can bring to a business. Whether you’re worried about costs, local tax and worker classification legislations, such as IR35 or other compliance factors, Constellation Global has the solution. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients, helping them engage workers for projects globally and hire from international talent pools all the while ensuring compliance and keeping processes as simple as possible. By engaging your workforce with us, you could engage the best talent, ensure compliance and see savings of up to 30%.

Optimising Your Recruitment Process

A recruitment process is seldom easy, and when it comes to managing overseas employees, some companies may believe there’s no simple way around recruitment at all. Of course, this does not have to be the case! While we mostly aid companies to access global talent pools by facilitating engagement of contractors practically anywhere, we are also experts in all forms of workforce strategies and can help you augment your existing hiring function with tools or additional capabilities. We can also help you select and manage recruitment through local and international staffing partners. With Constellation Global helping to plan and expand the workforce, as well innovative hiring strategies and access to recruitment partners to support the hiring and onboarding process, businesses hoping to move towards remote working will soon be far ahead of their competitors.

Where Constellation Global saves you money…

Strategic Sourcing

We can help you find exceptional talent that will cost you less, and bring more revenue in the future.

Account Management

With dedicated account managers keeping track of everything for our clients, we can guarantee timely results and a smooth process allowing you make your temporary workforce a strategic asset.

Time And Resource Saving

Our efficient solutions and workforce strategies will no doubt save you both time and money.

Recruitment Partners

We work with thousands of independent international and local recruitment partners, allowing you to leverage our network and find your ideal solution.

In our capacity of assisting recruitment companies with their international employment requirements, we have a deep understanding of how to help make your projects a success. Our years of experience means you can rest assured you’re in safe hands.

Constellation Global FAQ

If we don’t operate in the country of the project, does that make a difference?

Absolutely not, it would be Constellation Global who would engage them. We take care of everything for you, providing you with one contract and one simple invoice for all classifications of temporary workers regardless of where your project is based or where the workers are based, protecting you from all risks associated with managing a global temporary workforce.

What are the benefits of partnering with Constellation Global?

You save money, time and have access to a global talent pool, allowing you to engage workers anywhere all the while being protected from risk. We can help you find the best talent out there, no matter where in the world it’s located.

How do I get in touch with Constellation Global?

You can book a free consultation or ask a question here.

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