Why Companies Will Continue To Hire Remotely Even After COVID-19

by | Jan 26, 2021

There’s no question that remote working was already well established before the Covid-19 pandemic, but as it is now being referred to as the ‘new normal’ for companies across the globe, could this be the start of a remote working revolution?

What Are Other Companies Doing?

Due to the pandemic, businesses far and wide have had to take their operations remote, but this has been more difficult for some than it has been for others. In fact, research by YouGov UK found that around 32% of UK businesses have been finding the transition difficult.

For others however, it’s been a lot easier. Large companies such as Google and Apple have had no trouble making the shift in line with the government’s ‘work from home’ recommendations, and in fact have implied that they will continue to operate in this way even after the pandemic. So what are the reasons that remote working may be here to stay?

  1. The Commuter Habit is Dying

    We know that the main reason companies have been advised to work from home is due to the travel restrictions put in place to control the spread of Covid-19. However, as employees become used to their new home working setups, it seems that there are fewer and fewer reasons to travel into an office at all. Plus, with companies taking on new staff and searching internationally for talent, there’s all the more reason to continue operating remotely.

    While hiring remote workers can bring new challenges surrounding legalities and finance, it also allows access to a global talent pool and has the potential to cut costs significantly. Seeking guidance from a professional employment expert will allow you to broaden your hiring capabilities to secure top talent without having to worry about the risks and admin.

  2. Technology Shortcuts

    Technology of course plays a vital role in the way we work across many global industries, and has been quite the lifeline throughout the pandemic. It’s provided us with shortcuts in difficult situations, allowing us to share work, collaborate and provide us with multiple platforms on which to communicate with colleagues based anywhere. Working from home through this pandemic has only been possible because of these technological advances, and is perhaps part of the reason why 70% of UK companies found the transition to remote working easy.

    With video conferencing, screen sharing and the general simplicity of communication software right at our fingertips, why wouldn’t we want to continue working from home? There’s really no reason why companies can’t conduct meetings, training sessions, and workshops online. Similarly, there’s no reason why companies can’t conduct interviews and provide onboarding support online, as was the case for some businesses even prior to the pandemic. Those looking towards the future and wondering how the hiring process will adapt to the ‘new normal’ should definitely consider remote hiring for the simplest and most effective approach to acquiring the best new talent.

  3. Convenience

    While many forward-thinking companies already had remote working strategies in place to gain a competitive advantage over their peers, a large proportion of workers across the world had to quickly adapt to remote working in 2020. It was a struggle for some of us, but we found our ways to make the transition easier and the experience more pleasurable. Even in chaotic households with limited space, people found ways to make their new working lives just that little bit easier and productive. Some invested in office equipment such as desks and monitors, and others even turned the spare room into their new office space and now enjoy the convenience of working from home. However, while many had to take a more hands-on approach, some workers were lucky enough to already have been provided with remote working equipment, and even collaborative spaces, by their companies who had already adopted remote working strategies prior to the pandemic. Companies who already realised the benefits of remote working will no doubt have had a much simpler transition and are best prepared for the future!

We now know that it can work, way more than we ever could know for sure before 2020. Wherever in the world people may be based, we know that there’s a way for employees to work for the company, regardless of where it is – even if they’re new hires.

It’s safe to say that remote working isn’t as unusual as it used to be, and it seems unlikely that we’ll convert back to our old habits in the future. Hiring remote workers can be a simple, risk and stress-free process, and thanks to technology, there are very few limitations when it comes to socialising with colleagues and being introduced to company operations.

With more and more companies, including Microsoft, announcing that the way they work will most definitely change forever, there’s no better time to consider hiring remote workers to enhance your business.

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